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Increasingly, sustainability is becoming a key issue for businesses. 

As people realise that current industrial, economic and social systems are storing up problems for the future.


Sustainability is not about moving backwards but about looking forwards to new, better ways of doing things.

JM Conveyancing are a foreword thinking business and very aware of the need to be environmentally friendly.  We implement the following measure on a day to day basis to be responsible and sustainable:

  • Julie works from a home office and does not travel or commute.
  • All office meetings are carried out by video call, there is no travel to meetings.
  • Julie does not use a car or vehicle other than an electric wheelchair for use out of the home, which is fully charged on average once a week and is needed for medical reasons.
  • Business miles are kept to a minimum and are combined wherever possible even if just for personal journeys to walk the dog etc. However, business miles are extremely rare indeed.
  • We are paperless and we do ask clients to retain documents provided as pdfs where they don’t need to print as there is really no need. All of our documents are stored on a cloud based case management system.
  • On the extremely rare occasion we print in the office we print double sided, use recyclable paper and refill our ink cartridges.Heating is kept to an absolute minimum. We don’t use air conditioning.
  • Julie uses a white board as a day to day notebook.
  • Julie uses Outlook for her diary.
  • There is plenty of natural lighting to cut down on the need for artificial lighting but where it is used it is LED.
  • We don’t use promotional materials which will just end up in landfill, we conduct marketing online only using social media, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • We use eco friendly/responsibly sourced coffee!
  • We don’t have a water machine, we drink council pop, we don’t buy bottled water.
  • We don’t use paper cups or plastic cutlery, we use ceramic mugs etc.
  • We run any appliances on eco friendly cycles.
  • We use only eco friendly cleaning products.
  • We use recyclable waste disposal bags.
  • We don’t use paper towels in our bathroom.
  • We use either cloud based or local businesses as our partners and shop locally. We try to use partners who have a sustainability policy and are environmentally aware.
  • Any IT equipment no longer required is contacted to local charities or re-used within the family. Julie’s current IT equipment is her husband’s re-used gaming hardware.
  • We turn our IT equipment off when not used and use power saving.

We are constantly reviewing these methods and are building our policy as we our passionate about the need to be responsible.

We welcome any ideas which help us to improve….